LibraryTrak™ makes it easy for book lovers and collectors to keep track of their books!

For those of us that love and collect books, keeping track of what we have on our shelves, in boxes, or under the night table can be a challenge. And, for those who loan and borrow books, remembering who has what can also be a problem. LibraryTrak is an easy-to-use library organizer designed especially for the book lover and collector. LibraryTrak allows you to sort your books according to title, author, category and format, or you can make your own unique lists. With LibraryTrak, you can enter your data manually, or by scanning the ISBN from the back of a book and collecting the information online. Now you’ll always know what’s on your shelves.

LibraryTrak is like having your own personal librarian.

If you have bookshelves, chances are you don’t know everything that’s on them. You probably have books you have forgotten about, or don’t remember even buying. Ever buy a book you already had? We have! Ever searched over and over for a book you knew you had but couldn’t find it? We have too! And if you’re like us, you have your books in many places around the house or office. Face it, keeping track of it all can be challenging and overwhelming. Imagine having a personal librarian who would sort and search for what you are looking for, whenever you wanted, on demand. LibraryTrak even keeps track of books you have lent to others. And LibraryTrak gives you a view of your library using multiple criteria. You’re only a download away from having command over your shelves. That’s LibraryTrak.

LibraryTrak works with all your devices.

LibraryTrak works seamlessly with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, so you can find each and every precious volume, regardless of where you are. And unlike other library organizers, you can sync your library via Dropbox so your library is always available, on all your devices!

LibraryTrak enhances your book club or discussion group communications and book sharing.

You can also share data easily with other LibraryTrak users, using AirDrop. Perfect for folks in book clubs or discussion groups! Imagine the possibilities when your friends, club members and colleagues can share insights, excerpts or discoveries, on your own private library network.

LibraryTrak is fun and rewarding.

Serious book lovers and collectors are as passionate about the books they own, as they are about the stories and information within them. We know. As creators of LibraryTrak, we are obsessive about our books and bookshelves. That’s why we created LibraryTrak. Building and maintaining your library database is fun and easy. You may discover books you didn’t know you had, or rediscover books you want to re-read. Plus, having fingertip access to your entire library, 24/7/365, can provides endless literary comfort.

At Cotsware, we are committed to constant improvement of our apps. So download LibraryTrak and put it to work for you today.